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Tailored Training & Behavior Solutions for all Dogs & Cats

Providing Positive Reinforcement Training for Families and Their Pets in Sarasota & Surrounding Areas.

We are dedicated to creating a positive, rewarding training experience that strengthens the bond between you and your furry friend.


We understand that every dog is unique, and so are their behavioral challenges. Whether it's leash pulling, excessive barking, or separation anxiety, our team is here to help you address and overcome these issues.


With our range of services include:

  • In-home, online, or phone training sessions

  • Behavior consults and modification sessions 

  • K9 nose work sessions


We recognize the unique behavioral challenges that cats can present, and we're here to help you navigate them with patience and understanding. Whether it's inappropriate scratching, aggression, or litter box issues

With our range of services include:

  • In-home, online, or phone training sessions

  • Behavior consults and modification sessions

We love our clients

At All Ears Training, we understand the importance of staying up-to-date with all of our certifications. As well as staying connected with the community with various vets.

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“...Fortunately for me I got introduced to Laska and James at All Ears Training. I am not sure Ruthie would still be with me if not for them.”

David & Ruthie


What happens if we leave for the season? We offer virtual training options over zoom, in which we can coach you through continued training. We also offer the option to book out your appointments a few months when you return or the weather is cooler.

Why don’t you offer a guarantee? Offering a guarantee on dog training can be challenging due to the nature of working with animals, which can be unpredictable. While many dogs respond well to training, there are factors such as the dog's age, health, prior experiences, and the consistency of training that can affect outcomes. Additionally, the owner's ability to follow through with training outside of sessions plays a significant role. Guarantees can also be misinterpreted, leading to unrealistic expectations or potential disputes. Instead, we focus on providing thorough assessments, personalized training plans, ongoing support, and realistic expectations to set both the dog and owner up for success.

Do you work with animals that have bite history, aggression, strike laws? Yes, because we believe that proper training can help manage and reduce aggressive behaviors, making the dog safer to be around people and other animals.Training can improve the dog's behavior by addressing underlying issues that may be causing aggression, fear, or anxiety. We will also coach and educate owners about managing their dog's behavior, understanding triggers, and implementing strategies to prevent future incidents.

How often will we have to train? The general rule is regular and consistent training is key to success. At the beginning short, frequent sessions several times a day are recommended. As your pup learns an develops good habit you can gradually decrease the frequency but continue to reinforce learned behaviors.

Is my dog too old to train? No, never too old to train. While it may be true that older dogs can take longer to learn new behaviors compared to young puppies, they are still capable of learning and benefit from training. Training can be a great way to provide mental stimulation for senior dogs and keep their minds active. The key is to be patient, use positive reinforcement, and tailor the training to the dog's abilities and physical limitations.

Why is starting training early for puppies so important? Starting training early for puppies is important because it helps prevent behavior problems, builds a strong bond between the puppy and owner, and takes advantage of the puppy's critical learning period.

Why do we use positive reinforcement? We use positive reinforcement because it is a highly effective and humane way to train dogs and cats. It helps to build a strong bond between the dog and owner, and encouraging the dog to repeat desired behaviors and preventing undesirable ones from starting.

Why do you carry dog training certifications when other trainers don't? Having dog training certifications demonstrates our commitment to professional development, continuing education, upholding industry standards, and ensuring the highest level of competence in science based training practices. We feel it is important to offer the most up to date and proven techniques for our clients.

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Tues. - Fri. 10am - 6pm

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Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton, Myakka, Venice, North Port, Nokomis, Osprey, Siesta Key, Holmes Beach, Longboat Key, Englewood, Palmetto, Ellenton and Parrish

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