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Welcome to All Ears Training: The Blog!

Welcome to our blog about Pet Harmony: Training and Behavior tips for a Joyful Life with Dogs and Cats

Hi! I am Laska Parrow CVT, CPDT-KA, ANWI, FDM,FFCP. I am delighted to share my experience and passion for dog training and cat behavior consulting with you. With 24

years of hands-on work with service dogs, shelter and rescue dogs, pet dogs, and scent

detection dogs, I've gained a deep understanding of various breeds and their unique personalities. And as a veterinary technician with an interest in behavior I am

continuously learning about the health and behavior of the cats and dogs we share our

lives with.

German shepherd earning her nose work level 2 title
Laska and Farrah earning her NW2 title

How did it all get started?

Growing up I shared my life with Mak, our family's Domestic Short-hair. He taught me

many things about life with cats and about training techniques. I say my career started

in 2000, but it really started in the early 90’s since I spent many years teaching Mak to

sit, down, stay, recall to anywhere in the house, shake, wave, and walk on a leash.

Many years later I became a kennel technician and foster home for dogs with behavior

issues for our local service dog school.

Child holding her cat
Laska and her childhood cat Mak

What will you learn?

Now that you know a little bit of my story, this blog is dedicated to enhancing your life

with your beloved pets through insightful training tips, breed-specific advice, and

practical strategies for daily living. We will dive into reading dog and cat body language,

understanding what your pets want you to know, and exploring fun new training

techniques and toys that can strengthen your bond with your furry friends. This blog is

based on my personal experiences. Any articles and research will be noted when I

quote from it.

Dog and handler releasing for a Fast CAT
Laska releasing her mothers dog, Finnick, at Fast CAT nationals

Join me on this journey as we celebrate the joy and love our pets bring into our lives,

and discover ways to make those moments even more special. Let's make training

enjoyable and life with pets even more rewarding!

Stay updated with our latest posts and tips by following our blog and connecting with us on social media!

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