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ON HOLD - Dog Walking!

Dog walking being offering in Sarasota and Bradenton!

Dog Walking - 20 min 
Does your puppy or mature dog need a visit during the day? We can make sure your furry friend will get outside for a walk in your neighborhood, a nice potty break and even a treat! We will update you on what they did during the walk, and even send you a photo of their day. Knowing that your furry friend is happy, content, and exercised will make your transition back to the office easier.
We offer 20 minute walks, 45 minute walks or 1 hour walks. 
Service offered 7 days a week. 
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Reactive Dog, Reactive Dog Walking, Barking Dog
Reactive Dog Walking

Does your dog take a little extra care on walks because they don't love other dogs or strange people? Our talented trainer will walk your dog and use positive training techniques to make sure your dog feels safe and supported during their walk! 


We offer 20 minute reactive walks.

Service offered 7 days a week. 

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